Teaching Core Skills


Accepting ‘No’/ ‘Stop’

There will be times throughout the school day when a student cannot have access to an object or activity.

Visual Schedule

Using unstructured time

Break time and lunch time are usually considered to be an enjoyable time of the day for students, but due to the lack of structure, the unpredictable nature of break and lunch times and the increased social demands at these times of day, they can be challenging times for students with autism.

Help Card

Completing work independently

Many students have difficulty completing work independently for a variety of reasons.

Middletown Centre for Autism

Accepting the concept of losing

Some students with autism find it difficult to regulate emotions when they are not the winners in a game or when they do not achieve the highest mark in the class.

Visual Timers

Taking turns

The skill of turn taking is used frequently throughout the school day, for example: Taking turns to talk in Circle Time Taking turns to speak during class discussions Taking turns in answering questions Taking turns to speak in informal social interactions Taking turns in games in the playground Taking turns in class responsibilities e.

Countdown Strip


‘Waiting’ is often a trigger for behaviours which can be perceived as challenging.