Useful Websites

Assessment in the Primary School. Discussion Document and Proceedings of the Consultative Conference on Education, 2008. Irish National Teachers Organisation. Available here.

Assessment in the Primary School Curriculum: Guidelines for Schools, 2007. National Council for Curriculum and Assessment. Available at:

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Vol. 5 (DSM V), 2013. American Psychiatric Association. Available at:

Guidelines on the Individual Education Plan Process. National Council for Special Education. May 2006. Available at:

Resource Files for Special Educational Needs. DENI, 2011.

Individual Education Plans (IEP) Available at:

Resource File – ASD

The prevalence of autism (including Asperger’s Syndrome) in school age children in Northern Ireland 2016:

Autism Resource Center:

Advice for Advocating for students with autism:

Autism Support Network Resources:

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